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Do you sometimes wonder what happened to your joy? Have you ever considered the awesome possibility of a life full of joy? Sandra Steen has written this inspiring book to help you regain the joy that life's circumstances may have taken from you. WHO STOLE MY JOY? shows you how to recapture and sustain a vital and powerful ally in your daily life--joy. This captivating story in which a personified Joy meets his enemies and friends, teaches us all that joy is a guest who is ever present to be invited into our daily circumstances. Discover the keys to maintaining a positive attitude despite life's stress and hardships. Each chapter reveals the pitfalls that cause your joy to ebb and how to keep your joy flowing no matter what life might "throw at you." You'll find out how to uncover the negative influences, or Joy Robbers, that conspire to steal your joy, and you'll learn how to invite powerful Joy Builders into your daily life to increase your joy. Ultimately, using the Joy Protectors in the concluding chapter, you will be empowered to maintain your joy and live life victoriously! As you learn how to walk in joy consistently, you'll find a multitude of benefits, including peace, hope, vision and purpose, will accompany you in your future. Joy is a spiritual advantage that will lift and sustain you, enhancing your life and the lives of those connected to you. Joy is indeed a choice. This book will compel you to choose joy each day as a way of life! Includes free CD "DISCOVERING JOY."

Who Stole My Joy

SKU: 0882703439
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