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Our story, our Journey so far...

Wisdom Books started out in 1998 as Wisdom Christian Book-Mart focusing on selling/distribution of Christian books and audio/visual materials. The company over the years expanded to become a resource centre for books, reading materials, journals, study aids, gift items as well as religious merchandise.


The business expansion necessitated the name change from Wisdom Christian Book-Mart to Wisdom Books Limited.


Over the years we have remained true to ourselves by selling only original items directly from the publishers or authors. Our focus has helped us keep our dedicated community of customers, most have become good friends over the years.


Our stores are located within the busy and business districts of Ikeja, Lagos and Port-Harcourt, Rivers state. We stock a wide range of materials to motivate, empower, inspire, foster intellectual growth, enhance the quality of life and broaden the personal, educational and professional experiences of our customers.


We also run and manage the Wisdom Library as well as host a activity clubs for children ages 5 - 13 years.


The range available in our stores and online include:


  • Gift items 

  • Bibles & Bible Covers

  • Books on Business/Politics 

  • Christian Literature

  • Novels (Children, Teens and Adults)

  • Religious merchandise

  • Communion items (including communion wafers)

  • Note taking materials (journals)

  • Educational supplies (including school books)

  • Health and Wellness books

  • Lifestyle resource materials and aids

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