God has worked through T.J. Lowery's ministry to heal the sick and wounded, using his spiritual power. People have experienced amazing healings that have occurred during T.J. Lowery's ministry, including those who are totally deaf and mute, suffering from facial cancers, severely crippled, and in advanced stages of leprosy. You can also read accounts of a woman raised from her three-day-old grave and a man who survived a deadly snakebite. Lowery's Walking in the Supernatural can help you discover how to receive God's healing touch, and how you can spread the healing power to others.

The world today faces crises and conditions that seem unparalleled in history. Stress from spiritual, emotional, and physical problems threaten to bring many people to the breaking point. These monumental needs can be met only as the church rises up in the fullness of the supernatural power of almighty God. He is preparing to pour out His Spirit in an unprecedented way in these last days before Christ’s return, and He desires every believer to manifest the supernatural as a normal part of the Christian life. When you yield to Him, trust in His Word, exercise faith, and live a righteous life, then you, too, can walk in His supernatural power. You can bring healing, miracles, and deliverance to a hurting world. Take your eyes off the circumstances and focus on our supernatural God. Then move forward in the power of the Spirit!

Walking in the Super Natural

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