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The mission of the church is change-to partner with God to transform lives. But in order to change people, ministries must first manage and lead change from within.

Too often churches are unable to reform and revise their approach to ministry. Declining churches need to rebuild. Stagnant ministries must pursue the next level. Even growing congregations can struggle to keep up with the pace of change. So why do so many churches fail to adapt? How can ministries envision, implement, and evaluate effective change?

Kevin G. Ford has the powerful answers. As a consultant to ministries across the country, Ford has helped hundreds of churches experience genuine change and growth. Filled with eye-opening insights, Transforming Church identifies five dysfunctions of an unhealthy church, and shares the five key indicators of a healthy, vibrant congregation. You'll discover the keys for creating a church that transforms lives, your community, and the world.

Transforming Church: Bringing Out the Good to Get to Great (Blank)

SKU: 9781434767042
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