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Packed with popular messages from Dr. Norvel Hayes, this collection of six teachings will capture your heart and shine light on hidden truths. Dr. Hayes believes that God wants to bless people and that His Word works for everyone who will believe and apply it. His simplistic teaching style and strong convictions bring a powerful book that will give the reader insight to on how to release the power of God in their life. From learning to fight the devil to receiving the gift of tongues, Norvel Hayes exposition of the Word of God is fresh and timeless. When you get into a place of total submission to God, then you will experience His peace 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This book includes his teachings on:

  • How to Get Your Prayers Answered
  • The Number One Way to Fight the Devil
  • What to do for Healing
  • Why You Should Speak in Tongues
  • The Blessing of Obedience
  • Confession Brings Possession

Timeless Teachings: 6 Fundamental Messages from Norvel Hayes

SKU: 9781606831687
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