Get ready for more girly games, giggles and gossip in this bestselling series featuring a group of girls, brought together by the boys and bunk warfare, fun and sun, of one cool summer camp. Natalie's film-star dad has been nominated for an Oscar and she's going to the awards show in LA with him - which also means she can catch up with Tori! Tori plans to spend some quality time with Nat, but when a new boy arrives on the scene, the two friends fall out in a big way. Meanwhile, wannabe actress Brynn is preparing for the most important role she's ever had, but boyfriend Jordan is taking up so much of her time, she can't even learn her lines properly! How can she decide what's most important, especially when breaking up with Jordan could mean upsetting her gal-pal Priya, Jordan's closest childhood friend. Girls will be lining up to share all the latest secrets in the next batch of Summer Camp Secrets, which are sure to attract new fans everywhere!

Time to Shine (Summer Camp Secrets)

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