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God's Power in Your Life!

For centuries, believers have served and worshipped the Lord, but without the full knowledge and understanding of their rich spiritual heritage. Author Larry Huch was one of them–until he received an incredible revelation that allowed him to read the Word of God through Hebrew eyes. What followed was an incredibly powerful revelation that released new miracles and blessings into his life and ministry.

By understanding The Torah Blessing, you will:
" Receive the gift of "healing in His wings."
" Get more out of reading God's Word
" Enrich the spiritual lives of your family and friends
" Receive the benefit of God's covenant promises now
" Win souls for God by becoming a "light to the world"
" Experience the power of the Holy Spirit
" Fill your life with joy overflowing
" Experience more fruitful ministry
" Discover God's will for your life
" Find peace in God's promises
" Build deeper relationships

Now you can join Pastor Huch as he uncovers the Jewish roots of Christianity to reveal the mysteries and release the miracles of God's Word into every area of your life.

The Torah Blessings

SKU: 9781603741187
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