How many times have you taken the Lord's Supper and never really understood what you were doing? You need to come to a deeper understanding of the Eucharist, how to prepare yourself to the Lord's Table so that you can receive the blessings that our Lord Jesus says, "Do this in rememberance of me." The Lord's Table is a set of devotions to strengthen our relationship with God. Andrew Murray lays out a guide for believers who desire to develop a deeper understanding and insight into the Lord's Holy Supper. The Devotional book offers a 3 week experience beginning with the week prior, the week during and the week after the Supper. Each entry is lableled with the day of the week so that you can follow the devotions with ease. Discover the union that satisfies deeper than just taking the bread and wine on the surface. Come and learn the spiritual insights to sit at The Lord's Table with Him. "My body, which is given for you... My blood, which is shed for you" (Matthew 26:26; Luke 22:19).

Andrew Murray - The Lord's Table: A Guide to the Holy Communion + Andrew Murray'

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