The Schofield & Sims Revision Guides help children to revise for national tests by guiding them through what they have learned on a topic-by-topic basis. An easy-to-read Curriculum chart displays the links between the topics covered and the renewed Primary Framework for literacy, and a glossary defines key words related to the subject. The books are designed for children to use independently, recapping key areas of the curriculum with explanations, colour illustrations, summaries of key points and 'Test yourself!' questions to check understanding. Helpful 'tips for tests' ensure that children perform to the best of their ability in the tests. The KS1 English Revision Guide includes: reading strategies, non-fiction texts (letter/recount/report), poetry, story planning, spelling, punctuation, handwriting and answers to the 'Test yourself!' questions.

Revision Guide English Key Stage 1 (Schofield & Sims Revision Guides)

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