We live in a day of skepticism and mistrust. Inevestment scams, widespread fraud, identity theft, corrupt business practices, duplicitous politicians and abuse scandals in the church have seemingly become such a regular part of modern culture that these types of incidents hardly surprise us anymore.

All of society expects people carrying out important responsibilities to be qualified. Would you want to go to a doctor that was not qualified or fly in an airplane where the pilot was not qualified? Certainly not! If those individuals strive for proficiency in their areas of expertise, how much more should those who deal with the souls and eternal destinies of men endeavor to be as qualified and as effective as possible? 

In Qualified: Serving God with Integrity and Finishing Your Course with Honor, Tony Cooke focuses on issues of integrity, character and credibility that are necessary for God to be glorified and for people to be positively influenced. He addresses the top ministry killers and teaches how to develop and maintain godly character. Whether you are a pastor, a church worker, or a Christian in the marketplace, this book is packed with clear biblical principles to help you become and remain a qualified worker for the kingdom.

Qualified: Serving God with Integrity and Finishing Your Course with Honor

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