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There is no other Bible like Morris Cerullo's Financial Freedom Bible! In these times of worldwide economic crisis, this Bible is essential to your financial well-being and should be your constant companion and guide. Dr. Cerullo's 67 years of intense research, prayer, ministry and teaching culminate in this incredible, comprehensive, financial resource that will. . . Free you from fear, stress, and making wrong decisions out of desperation! Help you begin your journey to debt-free, abundant living even in the midst of economic crisis! Teach you the secrets to experiencing financial miracles in your life - plus power-packed principles for a successful business! Include 173 pages of prophetic revelations, 23 prophetic words and 14 prosperity profiles! Be treasured by someone you care about who is going through financial hardship; this beautiful, black, leather-bound, gold-lettered, Bible makes a dearly appreciated gift! "The Financial Freedom Bible will help you discover God's way to financial freedom. I am happy to recommend this study Bible to anyone who wants to take control of their finances and reap God's blessings. I hope you will read The Financial Freedom Bible and draw inspiration from it." -Dr. Pat Robertson, Founder of Christian Broadcasting Network "Jesus said in Luke 4:18...'He hath sent me to preach THE GOSPEL to the poor'. Well, here it is. The highest authority in Heaven and earth, the Word of the living God. Good News! Jesus has made us free from financial bondage. Not what someone else has said, but what the scripture says. Thank you, Brother Cerullo, for such a treasure." JESUS IS LORD! -Kenneth Copeland "This special Bible is the culmination of a lifetime of hard-work, study and experience of one of God's generals and will inspire others to believe in God divine provisions. This work is destined to become a classic in this and the next generation." -DR. MYLES MUNROE MMI INTERNATIONAL NASSAU BAHAMAS

Morris Cerullo Financial Freedom Bible

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