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Everyone who studies the Bible wishes at some point that he or she knew the original Hebrew or Greek in order to better understand a difficult word or passage. The"Expository Dictionary of Bible Words" gives readers the fruits of a working knowledge Hebrew and Greek without the years of language study.

The "Expository Dictionary of Bible Words" is more than just a handy and thorough alphabetical guide to the English translation of the Hebrew and Greek words used in both Testaments. There are thousands of articles, all arranged alphabetically by English word and coded to "Strong s "numbering system for ease of use. Each article is divided into two sections Old Testament (Hebrew) Words and New Testament (Greek) Words with an entry for the Hebrew or Greek word along with its transliteration, translation, range of meaning(s), and comments on its use in different biblical contexts. A comprehensive system of cross-references aids the reader in finding different words as well as discussions of related words and themes.

Although reference works like "Vine s" and "Englishman s "have long aided Christians in understanding the nuances of different biblical words, the "Expository Dictionary of Bible Words "surpasses all available reference works. The Additional Notes to articles throughout the volume provide valuable and insightful information on the connections between Old and New Testament words and themes."

Expository Dictionary of Bible Words: Word Studies for Key English Bible Words

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