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Leave it to Williams-Sonoma to serve up such a simply beautiful way to eat well. This innovative new volume takes an entirely fresh approach to healthy eating, with nature`s own colors at the heart of the plan. The premise is as easy as paint-by-numbers: by selecting one ingredient from each of six color food groups every day, you`ll be well on your way to getting all the fresh produce you need for maximum health. Plus you`ll receive the added benefit of powerful antioxidants and health-enhancing phytochemicals. You may be wondering, what exactly are phytochemicals? In many cases, they are the pigments that give plant foods their gorgeous hues, and, more importantly, phytochemicals are part of the plants` immune systems. So by eating a fruit or vegetable from each of these color groups every day, you`re giving yourself the full spectrum of phytochemical health benefits. Yes, you heard it here first: a color a day keeps the doctor away. In a very tasty way, of course. Each naturally delicious recipe starts with a colorful, fresh ingredient--purple bell peppers, green spinach, red strawberries, or orange squash, for example--and offers meal suggestions that pair them with fish, lean meat, or fowl. Infuse your meals with choices from Williams-Sonoma`s fresh produce rainbow and you`re on your way to better, healthier living through color. Features: 150 delicious recipes featuring fresh, healthy ingredients More than 200 gorgeous color photos 6 chapters, one for each color of the fresh produce rainbow plus brown for grains and legumes 75 " Fresh Ideas" --simple, quick 1-paragraph recipes-at-a-glance for preparing fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes

Eating by Color: For Maximum Health (William Sonoma Essentials)

SKU: B001O0D124
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