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When Valerie and Missy are mysteriously thrown on the street with the homeless, it doesn't take long for them to realize they are there for a reason. The reason is named Lincoln Furlong-a boy who is on the streets himself, looking for his mother. But when they suddenly discover homeless men and women are disappearing without a trace, they realize they have a mystery on their hands...mystery that may lead them to more surprises than they can imagine! Will Valerie and Missy be able to help Lincoln find his mother? Or will the streets take their toll on the three adventurers before they have a chance? And what do all the rumors about disappearances have to do with them? Get ready for a fast-paced mission filled with action-packed twists and a strong exercise in the power of's all in this fast-paced episode of the Commander Kellie and the Superkids series!

The Runaway Mission: Superkids

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