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KEYNOTE Re-telling of a classic Bible story in which a brave little girl saves her baby brother Moses, by best-selling and prolific children's author Jean Marzollo. DESCRIPTION When the wicked king Pharaoh decides that all Hebrew baby boys should be drowned, Miriam and her family come up with a plan to save him: they construct a boat and sail him down the river in hopes that kind people might rescue him. The king's daughter finds baby Moses and follows bystander Miriam's suggestion that a Hebrew woman should care for him; inadvertently, Moses is returned to his mother and to Miriam for three years, then raised as the Pharaoh's grandson. Miriam's singing and positive attitude regarding her brother will inspire and delight. The fish characters Marzollo incorporates at the bottom of each page of the book provide additional commentary for this important, wonderful story.

Miriam and Her Brother Moses

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