JULIA DUNCAN has learned the hard way the dangers of dating Mr. Wrong. Her heart badly bruised, she leaves Tyler University to start over at a college in her hometown, determined to wait for the right guy this time. Go home with Julia as she reconnects with family and friends. See how her growing relationship with God helps her to make better choices in relationships, and how she helps girls who are facing issues like eating disorders, Internet predators, and sexual harassment. Best of all, watch as Julia finally meets her long-awaited prince. You'll see that God is always faithful to keep His promises, and that they often come to pass in the most unlikely ways.

BARBARA PRECOURT found herself in a painful marriage at age eighteen; it ended two years later. After remarrying, she became a Christian, transforming her life at age twenty-six. Knowing herself how devastating wrong choices can be, she wrote the Mr. Right novels to mentor other young women. Her passion to help girls who are confused, afraid, and unhappy is driven by compassion because she can still remember how it felt to be one of them. 

Waiting for Mr. Right 
Marrying Mr. Right

Meeting Mr Right

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