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Life's traumas may seem like bitter pills to swallow. Yet God causes all things to work for our good. Our difficulties become strong medicine for healing and spiritual growth. Rx is the symbol printed on a doctor's prescription. It means "Take thou." Here are God's prescriptions for healing the hurts and trials of life. Best-selling author Dr. Millicent Hunter shows how God's power is strongest when we are at our weakest. Her writing is based on remedies for life's adversities outlined in God's Word. God never causes our trials. Satan is the source of all evil. He wants to sabotage our good works and weaken our testimonies, destroying every good thing that brings glory to God. But God desires to use the enemy's attacks for our good. Learn how to counteract the works of the adversary, understanding that God's strong medicine-the power of His presence-always shows up when we are at our weakest.

Strong Medicine: Prescription for Successful Living

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