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Fall in love with the Brides of Hilton Head Island, Sabrina Sims McAfee’s, International Bestselling contemporary romance series. MARRYING MR. RIGHT is an emotional, sexy love story with light suspense. When the alpha men in this series falls in love it’s always and forever. And their dashing brides couldn’t be happier. 

Book Description: 

Taylor Spelling is in big trouble. Trouble of the worst kind. To her dismay, the only person that may be able to help her is her boyfriend, the handsome Zeke Balfour. 

Upon arriving at Zeke’s mansion, Taylor is finally ready to tell Zeke her big secret, but before she does, Zeke leads her into a torrid love affair she can’t resist. Hot kisses on the lips. Smooth touches from his big hands, caressing her. Zeke’s hot, lusty moves are hard to refuse. Makes Taylor forget why she’d come to see him in the first place. 

Zeke Balfour is young, athletic, and wealthy. At his father’s insistence to spoil him, Zeke has more money than he knows what to do with. However, Zeke isn’t interested in wealth. The only thing on Zeke’s heart and mind is sweet and delicious Taylor Spelling. Pretty Taylor stokes a fire in Zeke and makes him burn to the core. Makes him burn with need. Burn with love. 

Right when Taylor gets ready to share a secret with Zeke that could change his life in the best way possible, someone takes her from him. Steals her right from under his damn nose. Devastated and heartbroken beyond measure, Zeke sets out on a journey to find the one woman God promised him—the love of his life—the beautiful Taylor Spelling. 

Marrying Mr Right

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