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Our spirits cry out for more of the same power Jesus had. We long to live lives that truly make a difference and help the world around us see the love of God. We pray for His guidance, seek direction from His Word and have faith to believe He will touch others through us. What more can we do? God has given us instructions in His Word that activate His blessings in our lives and help us overcome the obstacles that keep us from receiving those blessings. And He's given us the power His love. By pursuing God's love, we have the power to hear His voice and follow His leading. We can then experience Jesus walking, talking and living through us. In Love Letters From Heaven, Kenneth Copeland shows us how pursuing, receiving and practicing the love of God brings us total victory and eliminates all fear from our lives. Experience the power of Jesus. Pursue a love relationship with the Father. Follow His instructions and let the world see Jesus in you!

Love Letters from Heaven

SKU: 1575627825
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