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Harness the power of prayer
The front lines of the clash between the kingdoms of darkness and light do not usually happen in our churches; they happen in our lives--in our workplaces, neighborhoods, where our children go to school, in our voting booths, and in the halls of influence. Our churches should be places of equipping and coordinating, but then we have to take this fight to the streets through daily prayer.

When Kingdoms Clash takes you from the planning stages and strategies of prayer into the heat of the battle, showing you how to stand strong when things get intense. Using historical illustrations and teaching from Scripture, Cindy Trimm provides the tools you need to understand the power of prayer as never before.

Battles are raging and the stakes are high; only through prayer will God’s kingdom prevail.


When Kingdoms Clash: Strategies for Prayer in the Heat of Battle

SKU: 9781621360148
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