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Jesus Christ left us His Word so that we would do greater works than even He in this world. How can that be when Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, and did many other mighty works-especially when there may be things in your life where you have felt as though your faith has failed? But as part of the Body of Christ, you are the one that Jesus works through to reach out to this world. There is a power within you that is much greater than you have realized.

Dr. Bill Winston, pastor of one of America's fasting growing churches, reveals the power of the kingdom of God resident inside every believer. You have access to the pwoer and provision of God-wisom, understanding, peace, joy, health, abundant material provision, life-changing ministry, and so much more-through your born again spirit.

Let Dr. Winston help you start walking out your faith in miraculous ways. You already have a power within you that is supernatural and flies in the face of the world's arrogant-but ultimately inadequate-self-reliance on human effort. With the faith of a child, even as small as a mustard see, you can unleash God's provision and power in your life!

The Kingdom of God in You

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