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There's a word that makes people want to run: give. Our fears have taught us that to give anything is to be left with less. But the best things in life come from giving:

  • You give when you learn to forgive.
  • You forgive when you know you've been forgiven.
  • You're forgiven because God gave.
  • So the Key to Everything is giving.

    Jack Hayford will show you how to give the right thing at the right time in the right way for the right reasons. There is a time to:

    • Give up---Surrender your self-righteousness.
    • Forgive---Release perceived or real injustices.
    • Give over---Let God see that justice is done.
    • Give wisely---Acknowledge the reciprocal laws of the Lord.
    • Give in---Let God's greater wisdom direct you.
    The Key to Everything unlocks the door to living in the spirit of God's releasing grace. You will be released to give as you have received, forgive as you have been forgiven and serve as you have been gifted.

The Key to Everything

SKU: 9780884194156
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