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Begin praying today…

and start thanking God for what He has already done.

There is a way to pray so that you know God hears you and will answeryour prayer. There is a way to pray in faith—all the time—a way to get answers.


When you pray, you must believe that you will receive what you pray for!


God responds to faith and faith alone. In Answered Prayer Guaranteed!, Pastor Fred Price explains how it is critical to pray in faith and answers common questions about prayer, such as:


  • How did Jesus pray?
  • What are the basics of effective prayer?
  • What do you do in the time between asking and receiving?
  • Why is “God bless you” a misguided comment?
  • Is there a faith problem if there is no healing?
  • What is the biggest roadblock to answered prayer?


It’s time to start using power-packed prayers that get the answers you are seeking!

Answered Prayer Guaranteed!: The power of praying with faith

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