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Too many believers live in clouds of frustration and defeat. They suffer unexplained attacks on their lives or the lives of their family. They wonder why they cannot overcome recurring sins and temptations. They struggle to survive amidst a culture that bombards them with evil attitudes and practices. Yet God loves us and desires to set us free from such spiritual attacks.
With more than two million books in print, Mary K. Baxter teams with Bishop George G. Bloomer to reveal the way to recognize and experience deliverance from these demonic attacks of hell. These powerful truths can help you to...

• Recognize and conquer hidden satanic traps
• Break spiritual strongholds
• Overcome your fear of the enemy
• Lock up the destructive gates of hell
• Defeat recurring sins and failures
• Protect individuals, communities, and nations from demonic attack
• Bring healing to the oppressed
• Free people from mental bondage.

In these end times, Jesus has given believers undeniable victory over the destructive plans of the evil one. Through our dominion authority in the earth and the powerful keys of the kingdom, we can overcome sin and defeat the enemy while leading many to salvation and new life in Christ.

Divine Revelation of Deliverance

SKU: 9780883687543
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