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Has God spoken to your heart? 

Did you reason that it must be your imagination because He surely wouldn't choose someone like you? Did you let the devil talk you out of your mission because it sounded too great and glorious for an ordinary person like you? Rick Renner's book Say Yes!* will help you break out of the box that has limited your thinking about what you can do for God. 

You can rest assured that He is speaking to your heart today, calling you to do something bigger than your natural talents and natural gifts can accomplish. If you've been holding back from stepping out in faith to obey what the Lord is telling you to do, it's time to just say Yes! That yes will throw open the door to the most adventurous life you've ever known! Your life will take on a whole new flare. It will be so full and rich that you'll never want to turn back! 

*An updated edition formerly entitled If You Were God, Would You Choose You?

Say Yes!: Experience a Life So Full and Rich That You’ll Never Turn Back

SKU: 9781606839744
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