Get ready for more girly games, giggles and gossip in this bestselling series featuring a group of girls, brought together by the boys and bunk warfare, fun and sun, of one cool summer camp. It's time for Colour War at Camp Lakeview and Tori is less than thrilled to be captain of the Blue team - but at least her best friend Nat has offered to help her out. But Nat gets distracted when Lainie, an older, cooler girl, starts getting chummy with her, leaving Tori in the lurch and causing the Blue team to slip. Although at first Nat's flattered, it seems like Lainie may have ulterior motives, as Nat finds out they're crushing on the same boy. But it isn't until Lainie finds out that the boy likes Nat more, that the gang sees Lainie's true colours. Girls will be lining up to share all the latest secrets in the next batch of Summer Camp Secrets, which are sure to attract new fans everywhere!

The Clique (Summer Camp Secrets)

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