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Soulwinning is the energizing, ennobling life. We have put into practice the truths shared in this book. For well over a half-century in more than eighty nations, we have communicated the good news publicly, out where the poeple are, addressing audiences of 20,000 to 300,000 people.

Discover the secret, the pleasure, the exhiliration of sharing God's love in a hurting world. Experience new self-esteem. Winning others, you truly win Christ. Enriching people, your own life is enriched. -T.L. Osborn

I am convinced this is the finest book that my father has yet authored. As a world evangelist, a teacher, a pastor, and a bishop, I know of no other literary work that brings such biblical focus to pastors and leaders, and such practical insight and uplifting self-esteem to Christian believers.

This book has changed the world, lifting the laity from the gallery of spectators to the arena of action, revealing dignity and purpose for liviing. No wonder ministers call it A Classic on Biblical Christianity. -LaDonna Osborn

Soul Winning

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