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Do you know how to put your angels to work for you? Most people don't know how to put angels to work, and what you don't know can hinder you. Angels are in the ministry of helps. They minister in many different ways, but they always minister on direct orders from God. They work in line with the Holy Spirit and according to the Bible.

Norvel Hayes powerfully writes this handbook on moving into position to allow your angels to minister. Norvel reveals that in order for our angels to move quickly and decisively for us, we must be obedient to God. Angels desire to help you - let them!

Angels move in response to obedience and faith - not foolishness and rebellion!

You will learn:

For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91:11

  • How angels minister to believers
  • How the Word affects the ministry of angels
  • How to follow God's will and clear the path for your angels to work
  • How your daily speech affects angels
  • What ties the hands of angels
  • How to fulfill the requirements needed to keep the angels "on the job"

Putting Your Angels to Work

SKU: 9780892745715
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