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L'AFFECTION was originally French "love" means. In 2001, Lafassone brand was officially released in Taiwan, and took the lead in introducing handmade baking of Japanese ancestry to create a fine cake gift box era. With the spirit of striving for perfection and strict quality standards, Quill pen as a symbol of affection and creation of new Stunning sense of generation gift. The concept of baking, which is premised on fresh hand-making, introduces a new concept of delicacy and innovation to the dessert box and continuously pursues a better taste, visual and creative experience. GRACE series released in 2002 opened a low-key gorgeous elegant art style and unique indwelling gift box designed to achieve storage and reuse features, laid the creative design point of view in the future. The reputation of the stars - classic cake uphold the Tokyo technician designated by the designated Japanese imports of butter and cake flour hand-made, passing the Japanese pastry model, taste absolutely moist, natural mellow flavor, become the future product development challenges beyond the standard. Therefore, every product must have innovation, aesthetics, taste and freshness. The dessert gift box into the fashion point of view rather than follow the trend of the market, from the traditional theme of subversion of the calendar year - the theme of love cake cakes, men's cake, make-up cake, cake to the custom oriented direction Change is the brand's original innovative ideas and original spirit, just as each love has a unique vitality, this is L'AFFECTION.

Laffection Box

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