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Hurricanes consist of multiple belts of rain and wind that pound the earth in sequence with pauses between each violent phase. When the eye of the storm arrives, the sky may appear bright and clear, giving the illusion that the storm has passed. But the truth is, the fiercest impact of the storm is still approaching. Those who don't know how to read the signs and patterns of a storm may mistakenly emerge from their place of safety only to face unprotected the full velocity of the storm's brutal fury.

In No Room for Compromise: Christ's Message to Today's Church, Rick Renner sets forth his most prophetic book to date. With a sobering charge to Christian leadership to stand up for faith in Christ — regardless of the price required to proclaim it in its purest form — Renner's message is a clarion call: Winds of opposition against the Church are gathering. As pagan influences continue to increase in these last days, Christianity will once again become completely out of sync with the times with its message that Christ alone is the way to the Father.

The Bible is clear that at the end of the age, the spiritual hurricane of persecution that struck the Early Church will once again slam against society with devastating consequences. God has always had His remnant who would not bow to external pressures. In these final hours of the Church Age, He will have a remnant again. Will you be among them?

More on this book:

  • In-depth scriptural teaching that makes the New Testament come alive.
  • Nearly 400 images — including over 100 shot on location — classic artwork, artifacts, illustrations, and maps.
  • A comprehensive, completely indexed reference book.


No Room For Compromise: Jesus' Message to Today's Church is Volume Two of the Light in Darkness series. It presents an engaging exploration of the pagan culture of the First Century Church, with an emphasis on the city of Pergamum. Against this historical backdrop, this book highlights Jesus' message to the church of Pergamum when He appeared in a vision during the apostle John's imprisonment on Patmos. With superb photographs, many of which were shot on location in Turkey, Renner guides readers through a fascinating, detailed explanation of Jesus' message to the Pergamene church as he prophetically declares the critical significance of this message to the Church in these last days before Jesus returns. Renner also gives the reader a larger context within which to frame the pivotal moment when Jesus appeared to John on that isolated island, taking the reader through a revealing overview of the first Three Centuries AD in which the infant Church grew amidst much opposition within a pagan world and demonstrated that darkness can never overcome the light, life, and power that the truth of Jesus Christ offers all those who believe.

No Room for Compromise, A Light In Darkness, Volume 2: Christ's Message to Today

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