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Grouped into a number of linked sections the manual begins with the general principles and specific practice of achieving excellence; this leads into the next three parts: Leading Effectively; Managing People; and, Coaching Successfully. Excellence also depends on mastering technical skills. These are discussed in Managing Projects; Thinking Strategically; Managing Budgets; and Understanding Accounts. Every manager needs these skills often on a daily or weekly basis. Selling Successfully and Marketing Effectively cover a wide range of skills. Once the fear of selling has been overcome the techniques of effective salesmanship can be mastered. However salespeople can only operate well within a context of effective marketing - using a host of ways to give the customers what they want at a profitable price that they are happy to pay. Whether the information in this book is familiar or new excellence will follow from understanding the facts absorbing the precepts and applying them. Effective management is defined as excellence in every respect and in every action.

Managing Excellence

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