You are designed to think and plan and talk and act with God. Discover your roots - who you are - your real value. Get on top and learn to really live.

These good seeds of the good life have produced for us a constant harvest of happiness, health, rewarding service to others, fantastic achievement, a life of exciting love in marriage, family contentment, harmony, and abundance.

The lessons in this book will be a treasure house for you as they have been for multitudes of others in over seventy nations of the world.

You will discover new courage and robust health.

You wil begin to prosper financially.

You'll make new friends and people will esteem you.

You'll become a positive thinker and learn to get things done.

Your loved ones will benefit from your new lifestyle.

Pressure and tension will give way to pleasure and fulfillment.

The abundance which God created all around you is proof that He wills The Good Life for YOU!

The Good Life

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