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During over a half century of teaching the Gospel to millions of people, face to face, in nations worldwide, Dr. T.L. Osborn and his associate minister and wife, Dr. Daisy Wasburn Osborn (now deceased), discovered seven basic, vital secrets or principles concerning God's BEST in life.

The fundamentals have been tested and proven in the living arena of human experience all over the world. The Osborns have taught them to Buddhists, Muslims, Shintoists, Hundus, animists, fetish worshippers, Christians, and atheists - to people of most of the major cultures and religions of the free world.

This Classic on Human Value is an inspiring guide to the discovery of self-dignity in God's redemptive plan. The energizing power of these vital truths is life-changing.

You Are God's Best will free you from the demeaning influence programmed into you by negative religious tradition, and will open the door to new hope and to a new lifestyle with God as your best friend.

You Are God's Best!: A Classic on Human Value

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