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Going on a long road trip or stuck inside on a rainy day? This super cool book of more than 250 activities will keep kids having fun—and learning important concepts like their ABCs—for hours! With punch-out-pieces, coloring pages, word searches, mazes, and more than 150 colorful stickers, Super Cool Big Book of Activity Fun! will banish boredom forever!

Kids can practice drawing the letter G, and reinforce the lesson by finding and placing a sticker of a giraffe. They can punch out pictures of dinosaurs and use them to activate a vibrantly illustrated scene, and then find fascinating dino facts, like how tyrannosaurus rex means “king of the dinosaurs,” on the next page. They can read all about the seasons of the year—and complete a word search featuring springtime words to help them remember everything they've learned.

Exciting activities, great games, and lively learning—Super Cool Big Book of Activity Fun! gives every kid the chance to get smart!

Super Cool Big Book of Activity Fun!

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